To all those that signed the government petition on the 10th February 2015 – 10th February 2016 for blackhistory to become part of the school national curriculum in order for black history to be taught in our studies, unfortunately we only reached 43,914 signatures on line with a further 12,000 that was by paper.

A meeting was held on 22nd October 2016 with the Head of Education West Minster Mr Paul Adam head of History.

Black History was declined as they have no plans to change or open up the curriculum until 2020.

But that is not to say it can not be challenged providing a MP challenges that matter.

The government believesthat Rosa Parks and Mary Secole is enough black history in the curriculum and believe that is a broad scope for children to learn about.

I also wrote a letter to Teresa May outlining the need for black history in schools and the positive impact it would have on all children.

A letter came back from her security Lorraine Gratton, stating that we do not believe black history should be a study in schools. This was very disappointing news yet again.

I have decided not to give up without a fight along with your support and help to make black history a part of school studies that 100,000 signatures can be gained to have it debated in the House of Parliament.

This time there will be different measures taken in putting a strategic planning in place to help teachers teach black positive history in schools and with your help we can make it possible.

Please sign your petition and make yourself apart of the 100,000 strong to go forward with our children’s education in schools.

Please sign and share with as many people spread the word every day, we have 1 year to achieve this starting on the 29th October 2017 to 29th October 2018.

Please sign and check your email for conformation Press on the link and your signature will go through without confirming your email your signature is not valid please be aware of this.

Thank you

Stephanie Pitter

Founder BlackHistory In Our Schools

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Black History in Primary Schools



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