For Parents

As parents we understand how important the education of our children isThis campaign to include Black History to the mandatory primary school curriculum is to enrich the development of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural need of all cultural groups.

This campaign, which was started by a parent, for the benefit of all children, whether they are black children or not, seeks to enhance cultural understanding in an increasingly multicultural society.

Shouldn’t parents teach their own children their own history?

We do not believe that the history of black people’s contribution to society should be side-lined and only taught by interested parents to interested children. It should be taught in schools to all children whether they are black or not.



Not all parents have the knowledge, or the access to information to be able to teach their own children about Black History beyond the limited information that they have picked up from TV and perhaps the odd book. For those who can teach their children in addition to what is provided by the school, great. This campaign does not replace good parenting or pastoring.

How Can You Help?

In order for the campaign to be debated in Parliament 100,000 signatures are required by NOON 1st May 2018. 


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