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We believe the inclusion of Black History as a mandatory element in primary curriculum will enrich the development of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural needs of all ethnic groups.

The e-petition ended on 10th February 2015 with over 43,800 signatures. In order for the campaign to be debated in the Houses of Parliament 100,000 signatures were required.

Who can vote?


You need to be over 18.

You must be eligible to vote in the UK.

You do not need to have primary age children.

You do not even need to have children. 

You do not need to be black, this is a cross cultural campaign.

How Can You Help?

In order for the campaign to be debated in Parliament 100,000 signatures are required by NOON 10th February 2015.

Please join us by signing the petition (you must be over 18 and be a UK Citizen). Help us by sharing this campaign with friends and family.


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